A person appointed on behalf of another to carry out the acts and formalities required by customs rules. Representatives may be either Direct or Indirect. A representative must state who they are acting on behalf of, specify the type of representation, and be empowered to act in that capacity. HM Customs & Revenue Glossary

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I. representative rep‧re‧sen‧ta‧tive 1 [ˌreprɪˈzentətɪv] noun [countable]
1. also sales representative MARKETING JOBS a person who sells a company's products or services by speaking to customers on the phone or travelling to meet them; = REP:

• The work of a sales representative includes after-sales service.

• The local representative promised to visit them to demonstrate the machine.

2. someone chosen to speak or make decisions for another person or group of people:

• Make sure your employees' representatives are involved.

• A stockmarket representative was sceptical of the outcome.

ˌpersonal repreˈsentative
LAW someone put in charge of the affairs of a person who has died
ˌunion repreˈsentative
someone who is chosen to represent the employees in a company, factory etc who are members of a particular trade union:

• Guidelines for the reform of working arrangements have been agreed by management and union representatives.

  [m0] II. representative representative 2 adjective
like other members of the same group, and therefore showing what they are all like:

• Unfortunately, your sample is not statistically representative of the population.

• the most extensive and representative information currently available on temporary labour

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representative UK US /ˌreprɪˈzentətɪv/ noun [C]
(also sales representative, also INFORMAL rep) COMMERCE someone whose job is to sell a company's products or services, especially by visiting or phoning customers: »

We'll increase our team of representatives to help meet sales targets.


All shops are visited regularly by one of our sales representatives.

a person who is chosen to speak or act for other people: »

Staff have been invited to elect a representative to attend management meetings.


A representative of the oil company made a press statement.

See also CUSTOMER REPRESENTATIVE(Cf. ↑customer representative), EMPLOYEE REPRESENTATIVE(Cf. ↑employee representative), PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE(Cf. ↑personal representative), UNION REPRESENTATIVE(Cf. ↑union representative)
representative UK US /ˌreprɪˈzentətɪv/ adjective
typical of a large group of people or things: »

How representative are the views of these customers?

representative of sth »

These remarks are not representative of the views of management.

a representative sample (of sth) — Cf. a representative sample of sth

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